Chattering Geeks Ep #1 with Special Guest Meredith Molinari

The Tester

In the very first episode of the Chattering Geeks podcast, we have special guest Meredith Molinari from Sony’s video game reality show, The Tester!

We talk about everything from The Tester to fashion on this week’s show!  You can listen to it in the player below or better yet, subscribe to the Chattering Geeek’s RSS feed!

Download the show here!

Welcome to the Chattering Geeks Podcast!

Greetings everybody and welcome to the Chattering Geeks podcast!

What is the Chattering Geeks podcast you ask?  Well, it is a podcast that talks with various influential geeks about the geeky things they are passionate about.  Whether its video games or sci-fi shows, we seek to find out what makes the most recognizable geeks tick.

As for the hosts of the podcast, of course there is myself, Jeremy Bray and my co-host, Brittney Brombacher!

Every week we will bring you fun conversations with the geeks you know and love!

You can find the RSS feed for the show here!  Add it to your favorite podcatcher like iTunes!